Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photocopy of Passports

Hi all!

To those whom we've informed that you're now part of the Project Click !T team, welcome on board! Time is running short and we need to get many things done ASAP *snap snap fingers*!

For your first assignment, we need everyone to send a scanned copy of your passport to our email address, This is for us to arrange with Sambath, the coordinator at SHCC, for the home stay.

Also, we have decided to change the dates of our trip to 12th-26th December. Which means we are spending Christmas there! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SPEND IT OVER THERE! :)

Tentatively, our next meeting will also be on October 14th, Thursday. More details will be posted here. Will keep everyone informed again!

See you guys soon :)

Project Click !T

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Contact Us

For more information and enquiries about this project, contact the leaders Jiaxu & Syazanna at We would love to hear from you! :)

Details of the trip

Details of the trip

Our beneficiary is Self Help Community Centre (SHCC), a Non Government Organisation that provides a safe environment for over 1000 disadvantaged children and young adults in the Kro Bei Reil Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The SHCC offers educational and vocational opportunities including English classes, pre-school/early learning programs, social working, organic farming, arts and crafts, computer studies, sports, education on hygiene, nutrition and environmental issues. 

All of the SHCC children are community kids who in their past have lacked order, discipline and been abused. Most have had little or no parental care. These youths are at high risks of juvenile delinquency, hence through proper guidance and education provided for by SHCC and helpful volunteers from around the world, we hope to make a difference in their lives and help them to create a path towards a bright future.

For more information, click here.
We will be to bring in donated second-hand computers from Singapore to Cambodia for the staff and students at SHCC. IT lessons will also be conducted throughout our stay there to equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills, so that they can pass it on even after our project has ended. We have an IT professional in our team and he will be in charge of doing the lesson plan and settling the technical aspects of the programmes.

In addition, creating environmental awareness and educating them on waste management would be another focus of our project. We aim to spread the knowledge of environmental preservation to our neighbouring countries to maintain a cleaner and greener environment anywhere else in the world. We will be teaching them home composting, garbage enzyme, conduct simple activities to learn about the 3R’s and a mass clean up in the town area.

On our less packed days, we will play sports and group games to foster good relationship with the children there and promote team bonding. Activities such as Frisbee, telematch, and ice-breaker games will be conducted!

WHEN? (Edited!)
The trip will be held from 12th-26th December 2010. Meetings will be conducted prior to the trip to discuss agenda, programmes, as well as settle administrative issues.
We will be heading to Self Help Community Centre in Kro Bei Reil Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 


For accommodation, we will be experiencing home stay with the people of SHCC. The coordinator has kindly helped us to find families who are willing to host us during our stay there. The whole team will stay together at a home, if there is a home that is big enough to accommodate all of us. If not, the team might be split up into smaller groups and stay with a few families instead. This will be confirmed when all the team members are confirmed. 

Air ticket to Cambodia costs approximately $300 SGD. Other costs incurred will be food and transport and other miscellaneous expenses during our stay there (accommodation is free, because of home stay). We will also purchase insurance for every team member. We aim to keep our total budget below $700 per member. 

If we are able to raise more funds through cash donations and other fundraising efforts, we are able to reduce our total costs.
As this project is self-initiated and not backed up by any organization, we need to raise funds for the execution of our project. Our funds will be mainly used to fund the following:

a)    Securing 6 months worth of internet access in SHCC
b)    Purchase of additional required IT accessories
c)    Shipment fees for the computers (if necessary)